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bad1dobby -

Street football juggler [vid]

Ultimate control over one ball...

Orinoco - - Parent

Very impressive last catch in the handstand at the end there.

Stephen Meschke -

What is the physical limit for 7 ball cascade?

I have been training 7b cascade for several years, with various types of balls. Running 7 balls for two minutes is unfathomable, and running 7 balls for one minute is a goal that I hope to achieve (currently at 42 seconds).

Gatto said that running 7 clubs for >10 minutes is impossible. Certainly there is a physical limit for endurance in juggling. What is the physical limit for 7 ball cascade endurance?

Little Paul - - Parent

I don't know what the limit is, but the record appears to be just shh of 13 minutes

Austin - - Parent

I reckon it would be over half an hour. The thing is with balls is that with Norwiks, endurance becomes 100x easier, so if people can run 7b for 5 minutes with heavy beanbags, with Norwiks or equivalent you could go for a very, very long time. I think the limit in skill will always be hit first.

The Void - - Parent

Yeah, people run ultra-marathons. If you train 7b hard enough, you'll have the physical ability to go a long time. I agree with Austin about the skill limit being hit first, but I'll add something else: concentration. You have to concentrate on every catch, and that mental effort is going to be physically draining in itself. Okay, with familiarity, it will become somewhat automatic, but not entirely. Ultimately, how good AND how determined you are will drive your limits forward.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Austin made a good point. Mental focus and skill are more likely to be the determining factor than physical exhaustion.

5 ball cascade has become 'automatic' for me, and I can combine it with head balance or joggling. 6 balls and 7 balls don't seem to be progressing toward automatic. It seems like there is some threshold where activities under a certain difficulty can become automatic, and activities that are harder always require maximum attention regardless of skill level.

James Hennigan - - Parent

Where did Gatto say that 7 clubs for 10 minutes is impossible?

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

What is the record for 7 clubs?

James Hennigan - - Parent

A bit over 4 minutes:

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Sorry, I don't have a source for that claim.

Randy Lyons -

The Turks Head Jugglers have been an ongoing juggling group in West Chester, Pennsylvania for over 20 years. During that time, we've had over 200 jugglers pass through our program -- including three World Champions. (The name "Turks Head" reflects the original name -- from Colonial Days -- of our happy little town.) We meet Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings as described on our Facebook page. And we've had a nifty website that recently disappeared. And a thorough investigation of this disappearance is underway, and the wrong-doers will be severely punished.
Over the last year or so, club passing has become an important feature of our practice sessions, and I try to get videos posted as often as possible. If you're in the area, please stop by!

The Void - - Parent

Hi Randy, looks like the club's listing here on the Edge has not been verified for a while. You might want to click the button to confirm that it's still meeting.

The Void -

Fight Night at Bungay Balls Up. Sunday 28th May. #BBU2017 #BBUFightNight

The Void -

Are any Lestivillians going to put L! on ?

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Done. Despite it not being my bloody job any more. Harumph.


The Void - - Parent

Cheers. I know the feeling...

Little Paul -

Ping Pong:

There's some impressive skills in there - and more than a little sillyness

Daniel Simu - - Parent

This is what the internet was meant to be like!

Richard Loxley - - Parent

Reminds me of playing ping-pong with a teaspoon at Bungay (I had just finished eating a yoghurt and was passing the table mid-game as I returned my teaspoon).

I actually did much better than I had expected! Do try it, it was great fun :-)

JonPeat - - Parent

Thanks for posting that!
I really REALLY enjoyed it, right up my street. XD

mtb - - Parent

This was wonderful. The "bowling" at the start was really impressive!

bad1dobby - - Parent

Very enjoyable. The comedy stylings reminded me a lot of Jackie Chan.

Marvin -

The Green Eggs Report for February 2017 is now available. Last month 39 people made 215 posts containing 67 links. See past reports.

1 event has new trivia: Chocfest 22.

The Void -

I had a full day's clicking, chatting and coffeeing at #BathUpChuck2017 yesterday. Thanks to the organising crew. An excellent show too - well done to whoever booked it. Charles Brockbank was in great form with a high energy, yet cool club routine; two characterful duo acts; Tiff being his ace daft skillful self; and a triple helping of Rawlingses1 (two solos and a duo). All coralled into shape by Colin Powell, sorry, I mean Sam Veale, doing a classy funny job as compère.


It's Him - - Parent

My UpChuck started later than normal as I first had to collect my son from powerboat training before we could start the two hour trip to Bath. Fortunately when we arrived around noon we were in time to get two of the last tickets for the show.

I spent the next hour or so saying hellos to the many people I know and this was made longer by the large turn out for the convention. It seemed bigger than previous events I've attended, only the organisers would know the truth.

After having some lunch and getting my son to learn a new trick (Romeos something - the reverse of Rubensteins Revenge) I surprised myself and probably many people who know me by doing some serious passing with Dom from Milton Keynes. We are talking old style numbers passing here. Starting at 7 in doubles, 8 in doubles, 7 singles, 8 triples and finally 9 triples. I managed to have a club land on the end of my fingers more than once which was extremely painful but soldiered on like the true hero I am :-)

About the time the games got going (which was getting on for five) we decided to go search for food and drop our kit in the car (which as always in Bath was parked far too far from the juggling hall). We ended up eating pizza at the Lime Tree which was only a short walk from both the juggling hall and the theatre.

For me the show was almost a who's who of UK comedy juggling with Sam Veale, Matthew Tiffany and both Steve and Jay Rawlings in the show and Jon Udry and Pete Matthews in the audience. In a show packed with highlights Charles' routine where his one drop was when he wasn't juggling was very classy. I've seen Sam, Tiff, and both Rawlings enough times that I know their acts fairly well but they are still funny and the Rawlings' duo hat routine is really strong. The other hat duo had great potential but had just too many drops for it to quite hit the mark. A great show and a great convention.


Sorina Cojocaru -

hi all !
I'm Sorina from Romania. I currently juggle with poi, fans, hula hoop, staff , double staff and contact ball.
I'm a mid level and beginner level :D , there are so many toys and wanted them all, so i couldn't get best at one in particular( or more ) :D. But it's never too late for that ! ^^
really interested in juggling festivals and hope i'll catch one this year :) sadly i have to move to other country for job and not sure if i can make it , as i was saying ...never too late :D
Happy to meet you all ! ^_^

Orinoco - - Parent

Bună Sorina, welcome to the Edge.

Which country will you be moving to?

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