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Orinoco -

New edition of Spectacle now available.

Scott Seltzer -

Funny viral video that actually has some decent juggling:

mtb - - Parent

I sort of wonder how I would handle groundhog daying....

Decent juggling too.

JonPeat -

Chocfest 2017 - The York Juggling Convention (UK)- Review

The 22nd annual juggling convention held in the city of York took place on Saturday 28th January.

Please follow the link to read my account of the day.

I hope you enjoyed the review or the convention, whether you did or didn't, join the discussion!

Cheers, Jon

The Void - - Parent

I would like to award Josh a Silver Star for his joke.

Dee - - Parent

Loved the review as per usual.

Orinoco - - Parent

Could you please ask Jenni to write an article explaining her fear of the Mona Lisa.

Mïark - - Parent

Oh no! Your convention reviews are no longer on Juggling Edge, is it because you couldn't put pictures on JE?
I am glad you spelt Emily's boots correctly.
Have a hashtag nonetheless #Chocfest22

Little Paul - - Parent

Sorry I couldn't make it, I wanted to be there as it was the day after my 40th - but I had a family thing to go to on the Friday night and didn't fancy a 4hr drive there and a 4hr drive back on the Saturday.

It turns out that the other two jugglers I know of who share my birthday weren't there either though, so I don't feel too bad.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

What's with your possession of multiple items of jugglers' footwear. Is this some kind of fetish?

York Jugglers - - Parent

Glad you enjoyed Chocfest this year.
Could you include a link to Chocfest website, , so people reading your review in the future could find more details of successive Chocfests. Tried to comment directly on Ezine but there is no indication on that website how one obtains the login necessary to leave a comment. (Fightnightcombat also no longer gives convention website details)
Piers van Looy doesn't normally spell his name with extra e (or was this added for comic effect?).

JonPeat - - Parent

I debated asking Jenni to write the article about her Mona Lisa fear but she has been doing very well and I wouldn't want to cause a relapse...

I have added the Chocfest website to the review and corrected the spelling error on Pier's name, both good suggestions thank you!

People should be more carefull with their footwear. End of.

lukeburrage - - Parent

On, after the event has ended, the website and other links are taken off the main tournament page and put under the "news and links" tab. In the case of Chocfest, the only link I added this year was the Facebook Event Page, so I guess that's still a problem for this specific tournament, but generally the links are still available.

mike.armstrong - - Parent

You might want to add the cafe at N53° 59.869' W001° 15.965' to your satnav for next time.
They provided excellent greasy meat in a bun to me on Saturday morning.

The Void -

Peter Richardson 3-Ball stack. Found this clip from last years's BJC on my phone.

#bjc2017 #bjc

The Void - - Parent

Whoops! Copyfail.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Great watch. Also strong 5c bx and nice 7b cascade in the background.

Little Paul - - Parent

Nice, he's getting good at that (and isn't cheating by using those horrible saggy slomo/gertie balls favoured by some 3 ball stack spinners ;)

Although I did get somewhat distracted by Luke Burrage failing to flash 6 clubs in the background. I thought you had that more solid than that Luke? Or were you just having a bad day?

lukeburrage - - Parent

There is another video from this same session where I'm nailing 5 club backcrosses over and over in the background. So it wasn't too bad of a day.

lukeburrage - - Parent

Turns out that's me failing to flash 7 clubs.

The Void - - Parent

One better! :)

Colin E. - - Parent

he can do one more then you.

Little Paul - - Parent

Ahh, well, that would line up better with my mental picture of your skill level :)

mtb - - Parent

Is this one of those tricks that it more difficult than it looks? Because it looked reasonably easy, although not something one can do in the first couple of attempts.

The Void - - Parent

Peter's been ball-spinning for a long time, so he's good at it. When you're good at something, it often "looks easy" to the uninitiated.
It isn't.

mtb - - Parent

Yeah, I thought it was one of those. I have never tried it, so was asking in pure ignorance.

I will say that I was not expecting it to be that much more difficult than I thought it was, based on Nigel's comment below.

Little Paul - - Parent

It jumps up surprisingly fast (unless you're cheating and using the saggy balloon balls that the americans like so much)

If spinning 1 ball = juggling 3 balls, a 2 ball stack is 5 balls, and a 3 ball stack is probably somewhere around 9 balls.

4 balls stacked is just crazy. I've only ever heard of one person getting anywhere with it.

I learned to spin a ball in a little over a week, about 10-15 years ago. Took me about another month to get it comfortably solid a while to get it "solid" - a broadly comparable amount of time to learning a 3 ball cascade.

A few years later I spent a week long festival mostly working on adding a second ball, it stayed on for probably 3 seconds at best. I think in total, that reflects the amount of practice time it took me to go from a solid 3 ball pattern cascade to 10-15 catches of 5 balls.

That was probably nearly a decade ago, and although I admit I don't work on it that often, I've never got more than about 15 seconds of a 2 ball stack (with proper balls) which feels like the equivalent amount of work that it took me to get up to 100 catches of 5 balls.

You can imagine how long I think it would take me to add a 3rd ball!

mtb - - Parent


It's Him - - Parent

I've been ball spinning for around 15 years. I can stack two balls sometimes but three is definitely beyond me. I've seen Pete stack 4 balls once in 2004 (BJC Derby) at around 01:00. Shame there was no-one around to record that.


furlisht - - Parent

Nice looking trick, but i'll be honest with you, I expected to see at least 3 balls in this video.

Marvin -

The Green Eggs Report for January 2017 is now available. Last month 48 people made 275 posts containing 64 links. See past reports.

1 event has new trivia: Chocfest 22.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hey, that's a good report!   :o]

Likes3clubs -

Hey! There's a juggling fest in Ontario, Canada coming up March 24-26:

Is anyone coming from Montreal/Quebec area, and can drive two jugglers?

The Void - - Parent

Hi, have a hash tag: #2017UWJugglingFest

Mike Moore - - Parent

PS - there are reasons to go! Like Matan and Delaney, both performing and running workshops! And a handful of good 3b jugglers! And more!

Orinoco -

Live recording of the 38ème Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain.

Haven't watched yet, saving this for later.

^Tom_ - - Parent

We watched it live on two Arte videostream on Saturday night. It certainly had a couple of moments. I'll let you guess my favourite acts once you've watched it.

LukasR - - Parent

i suggest to watch it on arte and support them instead of giving the clicks to a russian pirate

peterbone - - Parent

Watched it live through a VPN as well. Highlights for me were the beatbox guy, hand balancer, Swedish Chinese pole guys, Canadian luggage trolley lady, Diabolo. Viktor Kee was a judge.

Colin E. - - Parent

The ball juggling routine was superb, the characterisation was brilliant, and he owned the audience!

I also really enjoyed the diabolo routine (although I just can't stand vertex or whatever it is called, it looks so inelegant!)

Something I liked about both performers is that they were not afraid to push things to the edge of their abilities, and it was the small failures that really made the acts.

The Void - - Parent

Wanna buy a tee?

mtb - - Parent

I thought that the drops for the ball finale might have been planned. At least, the first one seemed to be.

Colin E. - - Parent

I think it was a bit of both - I'm pretty sure this was on the edge of his abilities, but with the 'skit' around having someone come and pick them up being entirely rehearsed. I very much doubt his act is planned to have an exact number of drops. It's part of what keeps the performance fresh.

mtb - - Parent

Yeah. Although he got a really strong crowd reaction after the first drop, which is why I thought that that one might be planned. And then maybe one more was expected.

Still good going!

mtb - - Parent

Kerol, the beatboxing club juggler was not bad either.

I really enjoyed the seesaw + Chinese pole act as well, although I did not like the ending.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

You can now als read my review of the festival at eJuggle:

mtb - - Parent

Nice review! I would love to see the other show, do you know if it will be going online?

I watched it again on the weekend, and noticed that the Zhejiang Troupe's finale is even more mental than I thought: The base was actually in a handstand with the antipodist lying on his feet.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

The other show was not recorded by Arte, so it will not go online as a full show. Probably some artists have recordings of their own, and might decide to release those online in the future.

Sadly I didn't snap a picture of that finale nor did I rewatch the video, but now that you remind me, yes that was the case. I really saw little of that act, much too distracted by the background dancers and trying to make a Dutch joke about it (die 8 dansers vormden de ACHTergrond ;) )

mtb - - Parent

Ah well. Will keep an eye out.

The background dancers did seem superfluous.

I really enjoyed the whole show though.

The Void - - Parent

Thanks for the review!

bad1dobby - - Parent

Thanks for the enjoyable review, Daniel.

Regarding the Zhejiang troupe, you wrote:

    "The tricks performed were unimaginatively hard to do..."

I wonder whether you meant "unimaginably hard"?
"Unimaginatively hard" would mean something like "very difficult but not at all creative". (My apologies if that was your intended meaning)

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Oopsy, that error slipped through! Thanks for the correction, this is the only way for me to improve my English :)

lukeburrage - - Parent

Juliane and I caught up with the Arte show yesterday, and we made very similar comments to your own about the acts, though I hadn't read your review at the time. Things like "I bet those dancers have something to do in a different act, but they are in the choreography throughout the main show, so here they are."

I'd seen ChihHan Chao (George) perform at the EJC, both on the Open Stage and in the Diabolo Battle (where he came second), so the act wasn't so special for me, especially with so many drops and mistakes. I understand why he got a gold medal though.

I have a choreographed drop at the end of a few of my acts, but Alejandro Escobedo needs to learn that if you don't get the trick after the "comedy picking-up the dropped props routine", then the next attempt has to happen FAST. As in, maybe slightly funny but most importantly No Hanging Around. By the second drop the audience already knows you are A. good at juggling, B. clever (for choreographing a drop, or having choreography to cover the drop), C. funny and D. entertaining. Extra choreography for each drop doesn't elevate B and only decreases A, meaning C and D have to ramp up to cover the deficiency. And it was such a pity after the rest of his routine was without major errors.

lukeburrage -

Earlier I needed help with some names, and here's the final video:

Orinoco - - Parent

I do love the way we treat our heroes! The outside world must think that we have no respect for these people, but I don't think that could be further from the truth.

mtb - - Parent

Ha! I enjoyed those. Thanks for digging back through your archives, Luke.

The Void - - Parent

Good to see again, cheers.

josephmcginley -

What was that music video? It told the story of a guy who learns to do a head stall and becomes famous. I can't remember who it was by. Might have been Weezer or Blur or someone of that ilk. (Not certain that Weezer and Blur are normally considered co-ilk-ful)

The Void - - Parent

Kaiser Chiefs, Modern Way.

The Void - - Parent

Don't mention it.

Mïark - - Parent

Trivia: 3 of the original members of Kaiser Chiefs met at the school that is now the venue for the Leeds Juggling Convention

mtb - - Parent

I always forget that they are a band as well.

John R -

Hullabaloo (Leeds clubs) on Burns Night. No obvious signs of haggis, no footprints or holes in the walls, so we celebrated with tea and biscuits, much like every week. 7 people in all, no pub time afterwards (boo).

Martin working on rings, I set a new 5 club pb, by one catch, Helen hooping, Alastair also practising 5 clubs before moving on to passing with a newer attendee, a woman whose name I don't yet know. Good turnout given at least 4 regulars weren't there!

Also the first time I've had to open up the hall. Thankfully I've now passed the key on and can revert to being an hour late and much more relaxed.

The Void - - Parent

Congrats on the record.

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